The new technologies coming nowadays also led different ways and methods on how we do things, from our ordinary household activities to how we run our businesses. In the case of marketing, there is now a new method on how businesses can market their products, and this is known as inbound marketing. It should be of our interest therefore to discuss briefly what is the nature of inbound marketing and how it changes our traditional way of marketing or we called outbound marketing. 

Let us talk first about the manner in which our traditional marketing, the outbound marketing, was performed. The traditional way for businesses to find clients is to go out in the market field and this is why it is called outbound marketing. The term of the strategy of this outbound marketing is called push strategy, and outbound marketers have two options. Be a HubSpot Certified Partner here. 

One of these strategies is through putting out advertisements in television, billboards, print media, etc, for the public to see. 

Another strategy is by reaching out to people through phone calls, direct emails, etc. These methods are not positive methods because it is viewed as interruptive. We do not like in general to be interrupted with our meetings or appointments because of a phone call we do not expect. Read this: 

It is fair to say that only very few who receive these calls or see the advertisements on the highways would remember the product or service and make the effort to purchase it. Thus this activity is a marketing waste of money because it was spent in trying to reach out to people who could not be your target consumers.  

With the advancement of technology in the communication media, emails sent to customers could end up in the junk mail column, thereby clients have a choice to delete it. With these concerns, outbound marketing is slowly fading in use. 

The difference in Inbound Marketing from outbound marketing is that it is not interruptive in nature. With this marketing, a pull strategy is implemented of which it aims to attract the customers rather than reaching out to them. 

Instead of bombarding the customers with marketing propaganda, the essence of inbound marketing is to give value to the users first. The value is given in a way of solving the need of the customer by the information given before selling the product itself. 

The process of inbound marketing presents these series of actions, by attracting visitors first to your website, then convert these visitors into leads, and then close the lead by engaging selling to them. 

The strategy of inbound marketing is created by combining the best techniques in digital marketing. Depending on the type of business, the goals of the business and its targeted audience, the right techniques are then applied. 

There are different digital marketing techniques that are used to create inbound marketing strategy. 


The core of inbound marketing is the content marketing which is created to attract the customers. Users who would find your content as a solution to their needs or problems, they will revisit your website, and in this case you should also regularly update your information and refresh your content.